Utility Assistance

Utility assistance is available throughout Orange County.  Utility assistance is a credit applied to either an applicant’s electric or gas bill.  The decision is the applicants.  Applicants may only receive assistance with 1 utility company bill.  Applicants will not be processed for electric and gas bills.  Based on a number of factors there is a predetermined dollar amount available to the applicant.  Applicants may only be assisted 1 time with a funding year.

There are two separate programs available.  The determination as to which program an applicant will utilize will be determined based on the applicant’s circumstance.  The dollar amount awarded is the same for either program.

HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)    

HEAP is designated for those households struggling to pay their current electric or gas bill and/or they may have a small amount owed from a prior electric or gas bill.

ECIP/FT (Energy Crisis Intervention Program, also known as Fast Track)   

ECIP/FT is designated for those households who’s electric or gas has been disconnected or may be disconnected for lack of full payment and the applicant is seeking assistance with the bill disconnected or they have a high balance owed on their current electric or gas bill which would included a past due amount from a previous bill or bills will be processed under the ECIP/FT Program



Weatherization services are available to home owners, mobile home owners, condo owners, as well as  renters of homes, condos, mobile homes and apartments.  If the applicant is a renter the owner’s authorization is required for weatherization services.  Weatherization services are measures applied to a home to assist in making the home more comfortable as well as hopefully assist in lowering the monthly electric and gas bills.  Some of the possible measures would be: Caulking around the windows, weather stripping around exterior doors, threshold repair/replacement, energy efficient water measures, hot water heater blanket, pipe wrap (for insulation), electric outlet and switch gaskets, ceiling insulation, etc.

HVAC (Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning)

HVAC services are also available to home owners, mobile home owners, condo owners as well as renters of homes, condos, mobile homes and apartments.  HVAC services pertain to hot water heaters, inside the home heaters and air conditioning units.  Inside the home heaters may receive a clean and tune, repair or replacement, based on the evaluation of the heaters.  The same is true of hot water heaters and air conditioning units.  The ability to repair or replace any of the units is based on an assessment and available funding.

All Utility Assistance, Weatherization and HVAC services are FREE from charge to the applicant.


Applications, Surveys, Instructions & Forms

  • 2016-2017 HEAP / Weathization Application

  • Utility Verification Statement Form

  • CSD515A – Energy Service Agreement for Occupant

  • CSD515B – Energy Service Agreement for Rental Property Owner