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Who are the Homeless

The Orange County homeless population includes families and individuals representing every race, age group and community in Orange County. The homeless are often wrongly portrayed as panhandlers asking for money. On the contrary, the Orange County homeless population consists of working families, individuals, run away children, seniors, mentally ill, and U.S. Veterans. Many live in cars, parks, under bridges, motels and in homeless shelters trying to maintain their dignity while they struggle to survive. As a result, most homeless remain hidden.

and 2005

•Total homeless population in Orange County: 34,898
• Homeless persons in families with children: 24,429

     Represents approximately 8,724 families
     Represents approximately 5, 374 children (0-5)
     Represents approximately 10,911 children (K-12)

• Homeless unaccompanied individuals: 10,469

Approximately 100 emergency and transitional shelters: 3,289 beds

About Health

Some 47 million U.S. residents have no health insurance, and the numbers keep growing. America’s workers struggle to pay higher premiums, deductibles and co-payments—if they can afford such coverage at all. At least 17.7% of all Asian Americans and 21.8% of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders do not have health insurance compared to 11.2% of non-Hispanic whites.